Monday 25 November 2013

King Washington Review


I still remember the first time I saw King Washington perform live and that is because they made an impact, like any good band should. There are thousands of run-of-the-mill bands out there, whose performances are simply unimpressionable, so when you see a band like King Washington it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s not often that you walk in to a room and immediately feel a connection with the band and that is because they know how to rock out a venue!

Born and bred in LA, King Washington is made up of Tyson (vocals/guitar), George (vocals/guitar) and Billy (bass), forming the awesome threesome. Forever in sync with each other and with impeccable harmonies, which would make The Beatles proud, what more could you want? 

King Washington @ The Bootleg Theatre
'The Overload' Record Release
Besides being the kings of good old fashioned rock’n’roll, a portion of their set list consists of the most beautiful, timeless compositions, such as ‘The Legend of Red Mahogany’ an enchanting tale with a stunning, lyrical narration. Like a fine wine, their ensemble of songs are mature, yet intoxicating.

Songs like ‘Terrible Affection’ and ‘Don’t Expect My Love’ form the perfect recipe for their latest, ingenious album, ‘The Overload’, which includes:
Tight, technically accurate guitars. 
Passionate, poetic lyrics. 
Unique, melodic riffs. 

The eye-wateringly, beautiful ’Terrible Affection’ consists of haunting dynamics and Tyson’s stripped down, honest vocals creates a heartfelt, sincere song, with lyrics which any girl would fall for! This distinctive sound, complements their other contrasting songs on the album, such as the epic ‘Don’t Expect My Love’ a song with raw, frank lyrics. Their music never gets old, their songs are imperishable.

A pet hate of mine, are when bands feel the need to change their sound according to what the music industry wants or what the ‘now’ sound is. In my opinion, bands should stay true to their sound and believe entirely in what they are doing. And that’s exactly what King Washington do! Write music for themselves. They have their own sound, their own style, their own way of doings things and it’s evident that it is clearly working. They are the perfect example of a band with real musicianship and every aspiring musician could learn a lesson from them.

KW are another BalconyTV LA band and performed their song ‘The Gears’ off their first album last year. Watch it here:

A little birdie tells me there may be another KW BalconyTV performance coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled folks - trust me when I say, you won't want to miss it!

I admire KW’s versatility, which is apparent in both albums, ’The Gears’ and ’The Overload’. Whatever these guys are doing, they are definitely doing it right, with an ever increasing, loyal fan base, they are set to storm the world with their polished sounds and unadulterated masterpieces. 

Seeing KW live isn’t just a gig, it’s a performance, a night to escape reality and be taken in to another universe of musical prodigy. Check out their gigs here: and GO! 

These guys are musically gifted and I can see a very bright future ahead of them. 

Until next time, 

King Washington @ The Satellite 

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